7 series PLUS


Environmentally and socially responsible sources


  • Grown in forests that has been a model for sustainable hardwood management for the last 300 year.  Trees cannot be cut unless new ones are re-planted.

  • Harvested only from certified French forests.

  • Harvested only at full maturity after 150+ years.

  • Lacey Act Compliant. 

  • VLO : Verified managed-growth forest.

  • PEFC Certified: The world’s leading forest certification organization.


Healthy product commitment


  • CARB II compliant.  (Actually 75% better than CARBII standard)

  • EO certified (European Standard stricter than CARB).

  • No Urea formaldehyde.

  • No VOCs.


Contributes to leed credits


Relevant LEED Credits

Following are the LEED Credits* for which Great Northern Flooring products can help earn points.


* LEED-NC v2009

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
IEQ 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants)
To achieve a point under IEQ 4.1, among other requirements, "..all adhesives and sealants used on the interior of the building...shall comply with ...the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule # 1168" which limits VOCs for Wood Flooring Adhesives at 100 g/L.


IEQ 4.4 (Low Emitting Materials: Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products)
To achieve a point under IEQ 4.4, "...composite wood and agrifiber products used on the interior of the building (defined as inside of the weatherproofing system) shall contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins..." Under EQ 4.4, composite wood and agrifiber products are defined as particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, wheatboard, strawboard, engineered wood flooring, panel substrates and door cores.