7 series PLUS

Certified French Oak

  • 300 year history of sustainable forest management and harvested only from certified French forests.

  • Harvested only at full maturity after 150+ years producing a tighter, less porous grain structure.  This results in a denser lumber with increased durability and stability.

  • French Oak has less color variation and the highest content of any other oak around the globe.  This allows for not only different tones and colors that cannot be found in other oak, but a consistency in color and grading year after year.

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Live Sawn Solid Top Wear Layer

  • Logs are “live-sawn”.  By cutting straight through the log, you get a high percentage of spectacular and stable quartersawn sections with medullar flecks and cathedral grain all in the same plank.  Wide live-sawn planks show the various idiosyncrasies of each log, including knots, pith or mineral deposits.  

  • 4mm top layer is comparable to solid wood and can be sanded up to three times.

European Styling

  • Wide and Long planks. 

  • Earthy base colors that allow the floor to be the backdrop of any home design style

  • Unique coloring process including reactive treatments, fuming and lime washing react with the wood to produce colors while keeping the  wood’s natural character and grain.

  • Eternal color pallets that last through all trends and never go out of style.

  • The addition of an American classic, Walnut, offers a rich brown with subtle grain that is unequaled in any specie.

  • Extreme Matte Urethane Finish enhances the wood grain. The look of an oil finish without the maintenance.  No Oiling Required! 

High Quality
High Value
  • Crafted with precision Italian machinery.

  • Cold press lamination takes longer to cure but results in more durable, stable planks.

  • Features a strong 3-ply cross-grain construction. This design resists shrinkage, expansion and warping from seasonal changes.  A hardwood core enhances stability.

  • A 4mm wear layer can be re-sanded up to three times.

  • Radiant heat compatible (up to 83° F).