9 series PLUS

Each Bella Citta Floor follows a recipe of treatments to produce the final surface color and texturing. To achieve each wide-planks unique beauty, the planks can take 7 to 21 days of crafting during the color & treatment phase of production. Unlike a simple staining process that generally takes 20 minutes from start to finish, a Bella Citta hardwood floor of art can take weeks with multiple layers of color treatments.

Our treatments include smoking, reactive staining, wire-brushing, hand-scraping, liming, white-washing and final surface coating. Each Bella Citta color recipe is uniquely different with a depth of color that is unachievable through simple staining. We are passionate about producing the very best looking hardwood floors in the world

Natural Beauty

  • Same trees as used to make red wine and bourbon barrels.

  • Selectively harvested at full maturity often well over a century old from the managed forest.

  • French/German White Oak, rich in tannins, combined with our proprietary fuming process creates natural colors without adding traditional stain.

Live Sawn Solid Top Wear Layer

  • Logs are “live-sawn”.  By cutting straight through the log, you get a high percentage of spectacular and stable quartersawn sections with medullar flecks and cathedral grain all in the same plank.  Wide live-sawn planks show the various idiosyncrasies of each log, including knots, pith or mineral deposits.  

  • Natural variations occur by using the whole log adding unique character and personality to each room. 

  • 3.2mm or 4mm top layer is comparable to solid wood and can be sanded.

Long Life

  • No Added Formaldehydes.

  • Ultra-matte UV Urethane finish (Bona Naturale on Biarritz, Moorea & Papeete) no oil, no wax, no worry.

  • Full 3.2mm or 4mm  hardwood surface re-sandable up to 3x.

  • Repairable.

High Quality
High Value
  • Features a strong 3-ply cross-grain core (Biarritz, Moorea & Papeete) or 7-layer plywood core construction. This design resists shrinkage, expansion and warping from seasonal changes.  A hardwood core enhances stability.

  • Radiant heat compatible (Biarritz, Moorea and Papeete).


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About Sample

Hardwood flooring is a product of nature.  Each individual board has its own uniqueness in color, grain and characteristics.  The variations in color and grain shown in the sample may not represent the true characteristics of the actual flooring.


About Photo

Product photos and website images are to offer an impression and examples of the appearance of the floor.  The color, grain and character variations shown may vary from actual flooring due to the limitations in the reproduction of photography or the monitor resolutions.      



As natural hardwood flooring ages and is exposed to sunlight over time, the color and shade of the wood is subject to change.  Displayed Samples to some degrees are changed in shade due to the photosensitivity.  The change is normal for any wood products and it adds depths in color and enhances the natural beauty of the wood.