Each Bella Citta Floor follows a recipe of treatments to produce the final surface color and texturing. To achieve each wide-planks unique beauty, the planks can take 7 to 21 days
of crafting during the color & treatment phase of production. Unlike a simple staining process that generally takes 20 minutes from start to finish, a Bella Citta hardwood floor of
art can take weeks with multiple layers of color treatments. Our treatments include smoking, reactive staining, wire-brushing, hand-scraping, liming, white-washing and final
surface coating. Each Bella Citta color recipe is uniquely different with a depth of color that is unachievable through simple staining. We are passionate about producing the very
best looking hardwood floors in the world


  • Specializing in ultra wide and long plank flooring.

  • French/German White Oak, rich in tannins, combined with our proprietary fuming & reactive staining process creates natural colors without adding traditional stain.

  • Selectively harvested at full maturity often well over acentury old from the managed forest.

  • Same trees as used to make red wine and bourbon barrels.


  • Traditional old world European log cutting emphasizes

  • beautiful cathedral graining in every board.

  • Natural variations occur by using the whole log adding unique character and personality to each room.


  • Advance topcoating applied in a ultra matte finish to protect the wood surface.

  • Exceptional durability and lifetime residential warranty.

  • Easily Repairable.


9 series PLUS