palermo massive

It is so peaceful, yet fascinating. Inspired by the landscapes of the pristine untouched islands, Bella Citta® Palermo fulfills the room with the perfect balance of elegance and natural beauty. The tactile texture and radiant color will take you to a world of versatile possibilities.  Accompanied by a bottle of sweet wine, unleash your creativity with Bella Citta® Palermo.

3/4” (20 mm)

10.25 (260 mm)

Random Lengths : 23.60", 43.30", 63", 86.60"

1/4” (6 mm)

European Oak

Metro UV Oil Finish with zero VOC

Residential, Commercial (light to medium traffic).

25 Year Limited Finish Warranty and Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty

Board Thickness

Board Width

Board Length

Top Wear Layer